Update for February 2008


Friday, February 29, 2008 11:15pm (PST) B Deck - Starboard side - Aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor

Ok, I decided to go to the car.  Found my cell phone and was then talking with the reception desk staff and they had a wireless booster for my room.  So I am now online from my starboard side cabin.  Going to post all of this and then hit the sack.


Friday, February 29, 2008 9:45pm (PST) B Deck - Starboard side - Aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor

The out of town show was nice.  Got to see many people that I know. Everyone is headed out to the bar tour which I am going to skip.  Still working on east coast time so will get some sleep.  Heard from Warren that Tiffany is doing well.  Actually I think I left my cell phone in the car.  But now that I am undressed and ready for bed, I think I will wait until the morning to get it.  I do not have computer access in the room either.  They say we should have wireless but I am not getting it here.  Would have to go up to the lobby to get access and I think I am just to tired.  Forgot to pack my download cable so I can not even download the pictures that I am taking into the computer.  The darn TSA searched my bag again.  Normally they are good about putting things back but this a-hole repacked my bag poorly and caused one item to get broken. It's repairable but just not real happy about it. This has to have been my worst repack with TSA that I can remember. And there is no code or inspector number on the tag left in my luggage to identify which could track down who was doing a poor job.  So even if I did call and complain, they would have no idea who was the inspector that was doing the poor job.  Figures, that is the government for you.  Come up with a system to get into your luggage and then not even monitor it well.  Maybe I will throw on my sweats and walk out to the car. 


Friday, February 29, 2008 1:30pm (PST) 38,000 feet

We have about another hour to go.  The pilot said something about us being early since we pulled out of the gate at Newark, taxied right out to the runway and took off.  There were only three planes in line to take off.  It was great.  Sure not going to be that way later tonight.  We are supposed to get 1 to 3" of snow tonight which will snarl traffic and the airports.  It should be all gone by the time I get back.  We watched the Bee Movie and have just settled in for the flight.  Have lots of things to do while we are in Long Beach.  I remember seeing the Queen Mary many years ago but now I will get to stay on board for 2 nights.  Looking forward to seeing lots of friends of mine from the west coast.  This will be our last coronation before our big Night of a Thousand Gowns.  Last night we were at the Bailey House 20th annual party and silent auction.  Had a nice chat with Tim Gunn who is one of our co-chairs for the ball.  He was rather sad that he can not be at our ball this year.  He has auditions for the next season of Project Runway in Los Angeles that weekend and can not miss two days.  He was going to try and take a read-rye but when he coujld fly back would still mean that he would have lost 2 days of looking at people.  On the up side, Cynthia Nixon has confirmed that she will be a co-chair an will be attending the ball.  So that will be very good.  Lots of details for the ball but it's a lot of fun.


Friday, February 29, 2008 11:11am (EST) Newark Liberty International Airport

Headed out to California today.  Tiffany is still not eating after her surgery Wednesday.  My friend Warren is going to be taking care of her.  He also knows a vet in town in case he needs to take her there.  He is a cat person and reassured me that his puddy 'Sweety' did not eat for 2 to 3 days after her jaw surgery and he knows several tricks to get a little food down her.  So I feel very lucky to have Warren watching out for Tiffany while we are gone to Long Beach.  Edward flies back on Sunday on a red eye while I am staying until Tuesday afternoon.  I am driving over to Palms Springs to see my dad for a day.  Looking forward to the trip.  They are getting close to boarding so I need to cut this off and post it.  I have my lap top so will be posting from California.  Happy Leap Day everyone.  It's rather special because it only happens every 4 years.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008 11:30pm (EST)

Tiffany is not a happy puddy right now.  She went in to the vet today for the first time in years.  She had to have 4 teeth removed because they were abscessed.  So she is in some pain right now.  Have to start drugs on here tomorrow.  I also have a huge benefit in the city tomorrow night and then have to pack for Friday I fly out.  Trying to figure this all out since normally we leave dry food for her when we are gone but the doctor was very specific about wet food and her drugs over the weekend.  Have to talk with a few people tomorrow.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008 5:30am (EST)

Up early because I am headed to our Syosset, Long Island office today.  Picking up Kevin at 6am and then headed east.  It has been a very busy time recently.  I have to get a haircut and then pack for Long Beach later this week too.  I leave on Friday for Long Beach and then a few days in Palms Spring.  I get back home on Wednesday.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008 11:00pm (EST)

Was in the city tonight for a ball meeting down at St. Vincent's Hospital.  Putting the final touches on the ball preparations.  A few things are running a bit late but generally everything is going well.  We are very lucky to have two great ball executive producers that we do.  They are great and both have done this before so it is a great opportunity for them to help the court put on another great ball.  Was outside watching the Total Lunar eclipse tonight here.  It is in total eclipse now.  I have been on the computer late every night so I am headed off to sleep shortly.


Sunday, February 10, 2008 4:00am (EST) Windsor, CT

It has just been crazy recently as we get closer and closer to our ball on March 29th.  Right now we just finished the New York Victory Party at the Marriott Hotel in Windsor, Connecticut.  We are here for the Connecticut Coronation this weekend.  The ball was very nice.  They changed the format a bit this year which allowed them to add more entertainment.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.  The after party this time was our job since we have had a New York hosted party for many years now after the ball.  That is why I am up so late and now well into my second wind.  So figured I would type a bit and bring things current as I unwind.  So watch it.  If I start to fade, you will know because I will cut out fast.  Ok, enough update for the back log.  I am going to finish up and get some sleep.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New York Giants receive a ticker tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes in lower Manhattan.  Traffic is a mess but almost no one is complaining.  We have some systems problems that kept me busy all afternoon. In the morning, I was recognized at an award recognition presentation for our integration of the Teterboro and Syosset laboratories.  I was one of many that came up to get awards but I was singled out as one of the key secondary support people.  My friend and peer Debbie was the primary person who really did it all.  She and my other peer Dan really did the lions share of work.  But I was good at being a sounding board and helping brainstorm to find solutions to problems and situations.  Then they would go get someone else to execute the solution.  We do seem to make a great team.  


Monday, February 4, 2008

Everyone going nuts at work for the New York Giants.  Everyone talking about the game last night and all of the great plays.  Celebration cut short with some things going on at work.  System reboot from the weekend messed up some parameters.  Situation came to a head on Tuesday.


Sunday, February 3, 2008 

Flew back on the 7:30am flight from Portland.  It was a very nice flight since the seat between me and the window as empty.  The plane was about 4/5 full and I got an extra seat on the way home.  Got in at a good time and headed home.  Unpacked a little then watched the Super Bowl.  My mom lives just miles away from where it was being played in Arizona.  Excellent New York win.  


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Attended the White Knight / Debutant Ball in Portland at the Embers.  Had a great time seeing friends and also seeing the new Silverado bar.  They moved for the first time in like 30 years and all of my friends were saying it was a really nice place.  The ball was also a great we to see both on the same trip.


Friday, February 1, 2008 11:00pm (EST) Bouncing around at 32,000' headed for Portland

Well this is turning out to b e a very interesting trip so far. So we just changed altitude and we are having a much better flight now.  Headed to Portland for a really short trip.  Just a weekend and with the flight being so late due to the weather, I will only be there about 30 hours.  Oh well, it will be a nice change.  Things have been busy and fun. Busy with court stuff and getting ready for the ball.  Have lots of things to write and work on for the journal.  Still need to get some tables sold and start collecting checks from people.  Looking forward to a quiet weekend in Portland..