Update for May/June 2008



Monday, June 30, 2008 8:30pm EDT

Out on Fire Island after a great Pride March yesterday in New York City.  Just relaxing and trying to get some things taken care of.  Had to be on the phone today for work.  Three conference calls today even though I am on vacation.  Oh well.  Have to take care of things.  Nothing special for the 4th except the usual Invasion of the Pines at noon from Cherry Grove.


Thursday, June 5, 2008 11:30pm EDT

Big meeting at work this past week.  Some 100 people are in Teterboro for the Q-Suite Ops Review.  A very interesting process which brought my manager and our director to Teterboro for the entire week.  It has been great getting to know both of them better.  Our manager goes by Ike since our director is also a John and we have another John in Wallingford, CT as well.  So as a team building exercise, I thought up all of us having the same shirts with TEAM IKE embroidered on them.  We were the talk of the week whenever two or more of us were around since they really caught the eye.



(standing L to R) Our Manager John Ike, Our Director John B., Patrick, me, Art, Dan

(sitting) Debbie, Dotty, Sue and Zack


Tuesday, May 6, 2008 6:45pm (MST) 35,000' headed back home

I had a great time at my mom's these past few days.  She scheduled the renovation of her house right around me some how.  The painting was just completed when I arrived on Thursday, then the windows all had to come out and be replaced.  That was a rude awakening when the man comes into my room and takes my window out.  Bill and mom were having all of the old single pane windows replaced with double pane, more efficient windows.  They look nice.  Then on Friday evening and Saturday I stayed at the hose hotel for the Arizona Court Coronation near the airport.  I won best in theme award as well as a surprise award from the stepping down Empress Julie Craig.  Then back to mom's on Sunday for the carpet to be torn out on Monday and finally new dinning room table and chairs to arrive on Tuesday morning.  So it was a full weekend for me.  It was fun to be there and just relax.  Well, relax as much as I good with all of the workers around.  But I did have a nice stay.  Here are some pictures that I took while there.  (sorry, forgot to upload the pictures - my bad).  My mom and Bill have a great place near Phoenix, Arizona.