Update for November 2008



Thursday, November 25, 2008

Woke up late because I could.  Had a light breakfast with Edward and then headed off to my normal Thanksgiving dinner with Stephen Bohmann.  His parents have invited me for years up to their Pompton Lakes home.  It's about 25-30 minutes from here up in Northern Bergen county.  The food was it normal excellence.  The apple pie was to die for.  Stephen has fun each year making the apple pie with different apple's from upstate New York where he lives.  We know each other from Starbucks when I was working on my Bachelors and Masters degree at Starbucks on a regular basis.  We now both work at the lab but he works at our upstate location.


Monday, November 24, 2008 7:00am EDT

Had a fun week.  Worked a re-evaluation at the Fire Academy on Thursday and yesterday was Incident Command I-300's final class at the Ho-Ho-Kus Fire Department.  Then dashed into the city for a Heritage of Pride March Committee meeting.  Finalized our selection for grand marshal's and headed back home to relax.  Now just getting ready for work.  Here is some interesting news from late last week.  Got to get to work.


Pickup truck that drove onto the boardwalks in Cherry Grove last week.  He went about 6 blocks from the sand ramp at the east end of Cherry Grove. The truck has a 41" wheel base and the boards are 42" wide.  Now that is really narrow.  The 'drunk' says he missed a turn and wound up on the board walks.  The turn that he missed was some 11 miles back. This is a straight shot here but another block along and there is a sharp 90 degree turn to the left.  So no way he was going to make it.


Sunday, November 16, 2008 10:00pm EDT

Had a rather full day of class today.  Very interesting and busy day of group exercises and scenarios in my ICS-300 class.  Got home and crashed for about 2 hours.  Then got up and ran some errands.  Ok, actually Tiffany wanted fed so she woke me up with a paw.  Finished up my homework for the Monday night class.  This will be the last night for that class.  Then the ICS-300 class has one more all day session next Sunday.  Have a full weeks work in front of me too. Lots to do it seems.  Looking forward to the holidays coming up and then in December I will be visiting my mother in Phoenix.  So that will be fun.  Tiffany is bothering me so she must want more food.  Glad to see her eating more.  She lost 1/2 lb in the last 3 weeks since her last vet appointment.  So I really am glad to get her to eat.  The vet would like to have her gain back a bit before she looks at her again.  Tiffany has a hyper active thyroid and renal failure from age.  Poor thing is about 18 years old.  But she still rules the apartment.


Friday, November 14, 2008 7am EDT

Morning everyone.  Lots to fill you in about.  Have the day off by I have an evaluation at the Fire Academy this morning.  Let's see how much I can fill in before I leave.  I might type some more after I get back. Oh, the evaluation is a day class that is evaluating Fire 1 and Fire 2 which I am an evaluator.  As in I am doing the evaluation not being evaluated.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ho-Ho-Kus Fire Department.  Yeap, it actually is a town here.  Not sure of the origin of the name but here is a link to Ho-Ho-Kus here in New Jersey.  Anyway, I was at class 1 for a ICS-300 class.  ICS is the Incident Command System and 300 is the intermediate level for managers.  Basic is 100, 200, 300, you get the idea.  My second class is all day Sunday starting at 8am and the last class is the following Sunday.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Class 2 of my Instructor drill group class.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Actually a day off from Fire school.  Lots to do at work though.  On Wednesday we have a big staff meeting.  My manager is driving up from Baltimore.  I also had an appointment with my Orthopedic surgeon.   I have a torn something in my left knee.  Will need surgery to fix it.  Have scheduled surgery tentatively for Wednesday, January 7th for my Knee Arthroscopy.


Monday, November 10, 2008

First day of my Fire Ground Instructor class.  I already have the required certificate but this is a revised class.  Takes three classes and merges them into one.  I am evaluating the class and providing feedback on the presentation.  I will be taking the test this spring (hopefully) to get my Fire Instructor 1 certification from the state of New Jersey.  It is not directly transferable to New York but the skill set and training is.  It also shows that I have taken the state test which is a big step.


Saturday, November 1, 2008 3:30pm EDT

Time to move back the clocks an hour.  Except for my mom in Arizona.  Now I have to remember that she will be only 2 hours ahead instead of 3.  Wish the entire country would participate in daylight savings time or not at all.  Silly that parts of Indiana do not and Arizona does not but everyone else does except Hawaii.  They are so far south compared to the rest of us it makes sense that they do not do savings time.  


Anyway, the election is only a few days away.  Hope everyone is registered and votes.  I filled up my car the other day and was really pleased to see that gas prices here are down over $1.50 per gallon from when they peaked at $4.  I paid $2.35 for regular and that price is generally around now.  Higher when you get closer to New York because the New Yorkers come over to Jersey and fill up since gas in New York is like 50 cents per gallon or more higher.


Tying to clean a bit.  I have not been home much on weekends and my back and knee have been bothering me.  Oh, I had my first ever MRI on Thursday on my left knee.  I wrenched it about 3-4 weeks ago and it still has not recovered so my doctor wanted to get it looked at.  Had X-rays first but that did not show anything.  My back is better from when I coughed it out of alignment.  The worst is when I get up in the morning but once I get moving, I am doing better.  Rearranging a few things here in the apartment so trying to throw out some junk that is no longer needed.