Update for December 2008



Thursday, December 25, 2008 10:30am EDT  **Merry Christmas**

Stayed up late last night watching movies.  Lots to tell you and will try to regenerate some details of the last several weeks.  My surgery for my knee has been put off.  I am having no problems with it right now and can always get scheduled for the procedure in about 2 weeks should I have problems.  The recommendation was to work seriously on my weight (sigh) which would be beneficial for me on multiple health and other fronts.  Right now in my normal holiday blues mood but hopefully I will be able to work on it.  Right wrist is really hurting me right now.  Not sure how much more I will be able to type.

**Arizona Trip**

Here is an update on my Arizona trip.  Had a great time with mom and Bill in Mesa, Arizona.  We went to a dinner theatre holiday show which was fun and on Monday, just before I left, we went to the Arizona Opry which was a lot of fun.  Was not thrilled with the food but the entertainment made up for it.  The main entertainer there is a master musician and played many different instruments. Have never seen a few of them played before.  Also enjoyed just kicking back and resting while in Arizona.  Mom and I would go out and run errands.  We went shopping a bit and also went to the swap meet which was huge.  Cold for Arizona but a huge place.  We visited my cousin while we were there and had a good time talking.  I got a picture of my cousin Kim's gold medal from the 1976 Olympics.  We also found a great picture of Kim with her husband Drew that we were able to scan an put on wikipedia.  Here is a link to Kim's page on wikipedia where you can read more about Kim.


Sunday, December 7, 2008 10:30am EDT

Finished up cooking some sausages for breakfast and now have a pumpkin pie down.  Planning on taking one to work tomorrow and the other one will be for Edward and me.  Have gotten out the holiday decorations but have not put much up outside.  Not sure how much I want to run up the electric bill this year.  Money it tight and Christmas will be tight too.  But I am headed off to Phoenix this week.  Only a few days away now.  On Thursday, Edward and I both head for Phoenix when our collected mothers will pick us up and whisk us off for home.  Edward's biological mom lives South of Phoenix in Tucson.  They are going to have a nice visit.  I think it will be the first time Edward has spent so many days with her in decades.  He was raised by his bio-mom's sister in Vancouver, Washington.  So he was raised by his Aunt and Uncle but he refers to them as mom and dad since he was with them since age 6.  Anyway, I am looking forward to a spell with my mom and step-dad Bill in Meza.  Mom has several activities laid out since I am going to be there for 5 to 6 days.  Would like to spend sometime this winter with my dad too in Palm Springs but not sure if I will be able to.  Short of funds and short of vacation time especially with my pending surgery coming up.  Not sure how much time I will have to take off.  My boss did let me know that I can work from home once I am up and around.  That will allow me to stop eating up vacation time which I like to save for the summer when on Fire Island.  Oh, speaking of Fire Island.  I have turned in my nomination for Assistant Fire Chief of the department earlier this week.  So I am now officially running.  Oops, buzzer ringing.  Got to go check on the pies.  Later.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Had a Executive Board meeting for Heritage of Pride this evening.  Presented our new list of grand marshals for the 40th Annual Heritage of Pride March in June 2009.  The meeting went well.  I really like some of the people on the Executive Board.  They really have their collected stuffing together.  The HR committee introduced the new Managing Director Todd Emmett for Heritage of Pride.  It will be good to work with him on the March.