Update for March 2009



Saturday, March 28, 2009 6:30pm EDT

It has been a rough week.  The key to depression is recognizing what you are going through.  Why you are going through it and ways to help you get through it.  With loosing Tiffany then having Edward move back to Washington state on the 18th, then the Coronation Ball on the 21st, then a Fire Evaluation on Monday the 23rd (my sisters birthday too), it all hit me rather hard starting Tuesday.  I am glad to hear that my sister had a great birthday.  So that was good.  But I was really in the crapper.  Besides work, I basically have done nothing until today.  One day I went to bed at 7:30pm after 10 hours at work.  But I am slowly pulling myself out of it.  Life will go on.  I just have so many good memories of Tiffany, I really miss her being around.  Or sleeping on my chest or pestering me or Edward to change her cat box each week.  They say time will heal all wounds.  Thus, I just need some time to morn my loss and then move on.  I have a big test coming up next Saturday that I have to get my mind into gear and brush up on.  It's for my Fire Instructor 1 certification.  April is right around the corner next month, so the weather will turn nice and I will be back out on Fire Island soon.  Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts.  That is what keeps us going.


Friday, March 13, 2009 5:45pm EDT


Even a cat is a lion in her own lair.

- Indian proverb


And she was to all who knew her.  Tiffany will always be in our hearts.  Her passing has been difficult but not without love.  She was a stray when she picked us many years ago in Portland to be her new servants.  We attended her and she loved us very much.  She loved flying to our new home in New Jersey. She will be missed by all.



Tiffany Williams (born ~August 1992, passed on March 13, 2009, 4pm ET)




Dogs have owners, cats have staff.

        - Anonymous


We were her staff for life.  She passed away peacefully in a sun beam in the front room from renal failure and old age.  

May the blessings be.




Sunday, March 1, 2009 9:40pm EST

They are calling for 6-10" of snow now tonight.  Winters last blast in March I guess.  Just got back from the gym where I peddled on the bike for a while and then worked out on some weights downstairs before sitting in the steam room, soaking in the Jacuzzi and swimming a few laps.  Finished my General Membership minutes, agenda with corrections for Wednesday's general membership meeting, ballot for a special bylaw suspension vote and my Heritage of Pride March committee minutes.  That leaves me with only two Board of Director's minutes left to do.  So I feel great.  Also did some shopping this afternoon when I ran over to the bank to make a deposit.  So I have food in the house.  Not that I really need much food.  I could use to eat less.  Sigh.  Have signed up for a free program through my insurance carrier.  A nurse will be calling me to discuss ways to help me loose weight.  They are seeing the reason in helping people like me loose the weight now to save money on more expensive health issues later that they would have to pay for.  So, I am really going to try and do what is needed to loose some weight.  Maybe having a professional call me on a regular basis and discussing food and exercise routines will help.  Someone who is non-judgmental and supportive.  Well, we will see. Trying to get into a routine with the gym.