Update for April 2009




Rest In Peace

Daniel R. Gould

September 15, 1957 - April 12, 2009


Wednesday, April 15, 2009 8:00pm EDT

It has been a very rough week.  My former boss and peer Dan Gould died Sunday from injuries sustained in a car accident.  He will be laid to rest in Clinton, Massachusetts.  I will be driving up late on Thursday to attend the 10am service.  Then, since I am already up there, I will stay in Rhode Island and attend their coronation this weekend.


Sunday, April 12, 2009 9:30pm EDT HAPPY EASTER

It has been a nice quiet day.  Got a lot of rest and actually did some cleaning too.  Yesterday, I went to the gym, a movie with my friend Warren and got great news that I had passed my Fire Service Instructor Level 1 Written Exam that I took last weekend.  What a great relief that I actually passed.  It was a difficult test.  50% was on fire service basic questions.  I figured I got 40 of those questions easily since a few were tough.  The other 50 questions were on instructional techniques and various items out of the Fire Service Instructor manual.  Something that I only had looked through and worked on a few items.  My Masters degree helped me more than anything on this test.  So, I must have passed enough questions to make it.  I knew I had not aced it, but hoped that I had gotten enough right that I would pass.  The notice I got, only said that I had passed.  It did not say what my score was.  Anyway, got a lot going on this week.  Elections for the department are on Thursday in Brooklyn.  Hope everyone had a nice Easter.


Saturday, April 4, 2009 10:45am EDT

Back home after taking my test.  I think I did fair on it. Several things I was clueless on but did the old elimination game with only 4 questions.  Two normally were really off base which left me with two to decide upon.  Oh well.  The said the results will be mailed to us in 2 weeks.  I finished and left after about 1 hours taking the test.  About half of the group had already left before me so that made me feel good.  I did not go to fast nor to slow.  You are allowed 3 hours to take the 100 question test.  Anyway, going to relax the rest of the day and do some rearranging and cleaning here.  Might go out to Fire Island tomorrow if the weather improves.


Friday, April 3, 2009 8:15pm EDT

Over at Starbucks doing some refresher studying for a state certification test I am taking in the morning.  I am taking my NJ State Fire Instructor 1 test at the Bergen Fire Academy.  The week has been good.  Very busy at work but otherwise ok.  My several days of depression last week are generally over and I feel much better.  Have finally had the opportunity to morn for my lost of Tiffany and just really needed some space and time to myself.  Might go out to the island with Warren on Sunday.  Take some pictures and put up new flags on the dock since I hear the others are shredded and were taken down.  Then we both have a birthday party (A 70th) at the Stonewall in the afternoon.