Update for May 2009



Tuesday, May 5, 2009 1:30pm AST (Arizona Standard Time - which is 3 hours off the east coast during the summer)

Just getting packed and ready to leave Arizona.  Had a nice time with Mom and Bill while here.  Also attended the Phoenix Arizona Coronation this weekend.  But now it is back to Newark where it is cold and raining.  Oh well.  It was nice being here.


It has been a rough couple of weeks with Dan's funeral, Tiffany (my cat) passing away and having to deal with tons of work both at work at for the Imperial Court and the New York City Pride March.  So I have been keeping busy, but just enjoyed relaxing here in Mesa (a burb of Phoenix).


I have lots of stuff going on when I get back too.  On Thursday I have an event in the city and then will drive out to Long Island (Fire Island) with a Fire friend of mine Jordan.  We will stay at his place in Ocean Bay Park and then will help his fire chief shop for the fire department on Friday.  So that should be interesting and different.  They (Ocean Bay Park Fire Department) have a big Mother's Day dinner on Saturday evening which I will be attending.