Update for December 2009


Friday, December 25, 2009 6:30am EST

Merry Christmas everyone.  Had a fun night out with a friend at a local club last night.  Got to drive past St. Patrick's during midnight mass and had breakfast at 1am.  We had a great time.  Updated my countdown clocks and fee Smokey who is still recovering from her Spay surgery on Wednesday.  Now back to bed until I get up and head to my friends house for Christmas dinner later today.  Have been busy.  My nephew was visiting NYC for the very first time and he enjoyed seeing the sites.  Wore me out but it was fun.


Sunday, December 6, 2009 11:30am EST

Decided that today was the beginning of the rest of my life.  Or something like that.  lol.  Started back at the gym this morning.  Spent sometime on the cycle and then lost a few pounds of water in the steam room.  Relaxed in the sauna and headed home.  Have to get myself into a routine which will keep me going.  Now I am at home working on some backlog of computer things and then have to clean too.  Smokey is pestering me to play.  So play a bit and then he seems satisfied for 20-30 minutes and then he comes back to play.  So I try to get as much as I can done in the periods between playing with the cat.  At least my desk is looking better already.  The snow was fun yesterday.  We got 6 inches up where I was at the Fire Academy.  Down here where I live, we only got about 1/2".  Not much difference in altitude but enough to make a huge difference in temperature.  So we got less.


Saturday, December 5, 2009 8:45pm EST

Snow is falling outside and they are calling you-who?  Well, the snow is falling.  Earlier today, I was headed North on Hwy 17 about 8am as I passed this nasty accident with a Coke semi collided with the tail of another tractor trailer.  There was coke cans everywhere on the highway and the entire south bound was closed and being detoured.  Good thing I was headed to the Fire Academy going in the opposite direction.  One fatality, the driver of the Coke truck.  Keep awake out there when you are driving at 3am in the morning.


The evaluation at the academy went well today.  I only had one failure.  You got to know your class of fires gang.  Class A fires are ordinary combustibles.  You use water to put them out.  Class B and Class C fires are electrical and grease, kitchen fires which you can use a CO2 Carbon-Dioxide extinguisher on to keep the mess down.  Or an general purpose ABC extinguisher, but they make a huge mess.  Anyway, so you have to know them and this kid just did not.  Started snowing before I left up there.  Came back, got the mail and watched TV this afternoon.  Did not make it home till about 3pm and now just doing the blog thing.  Hope everyone is ok out there.  Ok, we had a huge inspection at work on Thursday & Friday.  One of those federal type CAP (College of American Pathologists) which is the big 2-year certification one.  The gal that inspected us was from Kansas City.  This was her first trip to the big apple so I was glad to hear that they (a group of them) went to see Billy Elliott on Broadway Friday night.  We got zero (0) deficiencies in IT.  YIPPEE!!!  Yes, a big thing.  I was actually in Long Island attending a Fire Island Law Enforcement & Safety Council monthly meeting.  I was in my Assistant Fire Chief's uniform and flew back directly to Teterboro after the meeting.  That turned a few heads since I was not supposed to be there and then walk in, in uniform.  Oh, and my badge hanging from my front pocket.  What a sight.