Update for January 2010


Friday, January 29, 2010 1:20pm EST

Let's see what is new.  I have a retreat for Heritage of Pride this weekend on Saturday that I am coordinating.  We also launched our new web site at NYCPRIDE.ORG so that was an interesting exercise.  On this past Saturday, I was attending the Queen's Pride Winter Dinner with friends and was introduced to Kirsten Gillibrand the junior U.S. Senator from New York.  Real nice gal.  Then again, she might have been impressed with my Henry VIII outfit that I was wearing. She made a few comments about it and me.  The Imperial Court of New York was being honored at the event, but Warren and I were there with Heritage of Pride people but we wore our court garb.  So I had lots of people asking for pictures all night.  Did not take my own camera.  Lots of politicians from New York state and especially Queens.  Sunday I was back in Sayville, Long Island, NY to attend a meeting and meet with several people for the fire department and then I caught the 11am boat over to Cherry Grove.  Enough of the ice had broken up that they were able to get the boat into the dock.  Spent a few hours doing paperwork and testing equipment then came back on the 2:25pm boat.  The weather outside is COLD.  Smokey is zipping around the apartment like crazy.  She loves a few of the items she got for Christmas.  Anyway, back to work.  Lots to do.  Have to finish up a few things and then off to The City to do shopping with Jeffrey for the retreat tomorrow.


Sunday, January 17, 2010 12:30am EST

So, I am sitting at the Starbucks in Little Ferry working on my second major lecture for the fire department and I notice a Woodridge fire engine going down Route 46 with lights and siren.  Hmmmm, that is two towns over.  What is going on.  So I stick my head out the front door of Starbucks and there is a fire two blocks down.  Packed up my gear.  Locked it in the car.  Grabbed my camera (glad I had it because I did not at the Hasbrouck Heights Washington Street fire a month ago) and headed down the street.  Here are some nice pictures.  Everyone got out safely.  The place is a spa and fitness center.  Initial attack was a standard interior one but the fire continued to grow and they switched to a defensive/exterior attack.  Was there for about 3 hours before I headed home.  Have to be in Long Island by 9am so have to get some sleep.  About 20 towns were there.  By the time I left, there were 3 deluge towers working on the "C" side (back) with 2 hand lines operating back there and also 3 deluge towers working on the "A" side (front) of the building.  Each deluge tower dumps about 750 to 1,000 gallons per minutes onto the fire.

January 16, 2010

Little Ferry, NJ Fire - State Route 46


Saturday, January 16, 2010 4:30pm EST

Having an interesting day.  The weather outside is 50 degrees which is a nice change to the sub-freezing we had previously.  The windows are open and the puddy "Smokey" is sitting in the window.  I have been working on a fire presentation/lecture I will be giving in a few weeks.  I have two of them.  One is pretty much done.  The other one I am just starting.  OSHA required annual training for the fire department.  Using lots of my skills I learned in Instructor training to pull this stuff together from multiple sources.  Was at Starbucks earlier working on this.  Now back at home and wanted a break so am updating this.  Tomorrow I have a 9am meeting out on Long Island and then I have an event Sunday night in the City.  So it will be a dash there and a dash back and then back to the City.  Should be a full day.  Looking forward to my mini-vacation in Phoenix next month.  I will be working during the day but able to be with my Mother and Step-father during the afternoon and evening hours.


Monday, January 11, 2010 9:00am EST  (today is 01-11-10) very binary

Yesterday I got up early and headed to the gym.  My car outside temp read 14.  Ouch.  Good thing it was not breezy out.  Total it was a nice warm 22.  We are supposed to get up into the low 40's later in the week.  Was in the city on Saturday for a Chief's meeting and then Sunday for a Commissioner's meeting.  Had a nice time seeing people that I work with on the island all summer.  Both meeting were very productive.  


Working away at work.  Lot's to do and plenty of projects to keep us all employed which is good.  The stock was up over 60 last week but has not fell back under again.  It bounces up and down.  Wish those darn investors just thought so highly about Quest Diagnostics as I did.  Then they would not want to sell any of our stock because we are the best.  


Finally moved my November pictures from the Balloon Fest to the archives.  So if you are looking for the Macy's Balloon Festival pictures, they are in the November 2009 archives now.  Hope everyone stays warm.  Got a busy week ahead of me.  Lots to do on the fire department inspection that we had.  Working on policies, response guides and training presentations.  Also have a General Membership meeting tonight for HOP/NYC Pride at 8pm.