Update for April 2010


Saturday, April 17, 2010 9:45am EDT

Sitting a the Little Ferry Starbucks and was just thinking of my blog which has fallen into disuse.  Suppose I have just been busy and not had the energy to work on it. So many other things to do right now.  Late in the season (on Fire Island) the Fire Department got an inspection from the state agency that oversees OSHA.  As a result of that, we had several deficiencies that needed to be addressed.  Several involve training and that is why I am here.  Getting ready to work on another training lecture. I am about to write my third training session.  The last two went over very well.  I presented one of them last month in Manhattan to a class of 31 and everyone enjoyed seeing each other and taking the class.  It was two lectures, so 4 hours of material.  


On a fun note, I am off for the Phoenix, Arizona coronation in two weeks.  Plan on staying with my mom for the week and celebrate her 70th birthday. Smokey has been fun and loves to run across me in the morning to get me up and moving.  Especially the moving part to go feed her.  Lots to do at work too so I have not ignored my blog because I did not have anything to do.  lol