Update for May 2010


Sunday, May 9, 2010 4pm EDT

So made it home ok.  There was some mix-up with the luggage.  It came out on the wrong luggage chute and was very late.  Like 30 minutes late after we landed.  So that took time in addition to us already being late because of the wind.  We landed on a runway that I do not ever recall landing on before.  It was a cross-wind runway going due West instead of the main runways that run generally North and South.  Very different.  The person next to me was a pilot for Continental and commented that he had landed triple 7's (Boeing 777) on that runway may times.  Headed for home and was listening to the news.  Major wind storm here.  It was gusting at 45-50 mph.  Trees were coming down and there are scattered power outages all over.  Today, the wind was still high but better.  After a Starbucks, went over to Warren's and talked with Matt & Brian before they left for Mother's Day activities.  Going to dinner with Warren later tonight.  He and I also had dinner last night and caught up on everything.  Oh, and my lovely door tried to lock me in.  Warren was leaving and he had commented that my lock was having problems on my door to my apartment.  I had looked at it and the pin into the door jam was not always pulling back all the way.  Well, it sure did not last night.  We were locked in.  Finally was able to get it taken off (about 30 minutes of work) and got the pin to retract far enough to allow the door to open.  Just GRAND....  So left a message with the Super who will come take care of it in the morning.  So much excitement.  I am bushed.  lol


Saturday, May 8, 2010 - 6:45pm EDT (Flying to Newark)

Flying in the air right now.  They just announced that it will be bumpy into Newark because of the wind so they are going to shut down and stow everything early.  Still above 10,000 feet but I have to shut down shortly.  Had a great time.  The flight has been very smooth up until that last few minutes.  The turbulence has really started to pick up so now I know why were delayed leaving Phoenix.  At one point the outside temp was -70F so that is downright cold.  Now it is a bit better, a nice warm -35F which is downright warm compared to the other.  lol  Looking forward to seeing Smokey tonight.  I have a lesson plan to finish up for the fire service this next weekend.  That should not take me to long.  Just have to sit down and do it.  Have most of it in my head.  So just have to get it down on paper.  The computer thing is saying we have 32 minutes until destination.  And we have been dropping recently.  Now at 29,714 ft and traveling at 643 mph.  So guess I will pack it in.  Later.


Friday, May 7, 2010 Happy Birthday to Me...

Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday.  Turned 49 and had a great time in Arizona over the week. 


Thursday, May 6, 2010 10pm AST (Mesa, Arizona)

Having a good time in Arizona.  Will be returning to NYC area on Saturday.  Had a nice time at the Arizona coronation last weekend.  Saw lots of people that I have known for years.  Been working from my mom's home here and spending some great quality time.  Weather here has been great.  Hot but dry.  Got lots on tap once I return.  


Monday, May 3, 2010 - Mom's Birthday

I have a great mom.  Just see for yourself.  My nephew says 70 is the new 30. Guess I am only 10 then.  We had a great time.