Update for January 2011


Sunday, January 30, 2011 8:15pm EST

Back home and getting back to normal.  Smokey loved me being home.  Here are some pictures of what I came back to.



Saturday, January 29, 2011 6:50pm CST (flying back to Newark)

Well my flight left Medford a bit late but it arrived in San Francisco just fine.  It was a jet and not one of those turbo props that I flew in on.  So the flight was only 50 minutes from Medford.  The funny things was that I got to the airport early to make sure I could get through security and all.  The TCA security check point was CLOSED.  They had no flight taking off at that time so they were not even open for about 45 minutes after I got checked in.  What a laugh.  Oh, I was in a small airport for sure.  They opened up about 10:15 which their sign said they were going to open at 10:30am and they quickly cleared all of the back log of people hanging out in the general area.  Not a totally full flight so it was good.  The gal rebooked me for the front of the plane so that I could hop out and head for my gate.  Which I did right away.  I had to head to the International gates to get the shuttle over to the Continental flights. I got there with very little time to spare.  Was was in the gate area for only about 10 minutes before they started boarding the flight.  So I get on, and they some how had seated the three largest guys on the plane in the same row.  We all laughed about it and how the plane might be leaning to the left to much from the weight all being on the left side of the plane.  One guy said he thought we might land back in San Francisco because we pulled the plane into a circle.  Well after the door closed, a few people had missed their connection.  So they had a few different seats available.  So they reseated the one guy on the end and we spread out.  It's bearable now.  The guy next to me lives only a few towns over from me in Jersey.  Anyway, enough about all that.  Had a good time and enjoyed myself.  Now headed back to the snow filled fun of Jersey.  Oh, and they say we have another snowy mess coming in on Wednesday.  Oh joy....



Had a good time while I was there in Grants Pass with my Dad and step-mom Connie (above).


Saturday, January 29, 2011 7:50am PST (Grants Pass, Oregon)

Just finished breakfast out with dad and "the boys" so that was nice catching up with them and talking.  Now getting ready to finish packing.  San Francisco shows a 27 minute delay on arriving flights right now because of weather.  Heck, it's SFO, so it's probably fog.  I only have a 1 hour connection there so we will see.  Type at you later.  Off we go.  Yippee... 


Friday, January 28, 2011 10:30pm PST (Grants Pass, Oregon)

Headed back to the snow in New Jersey tomorrow. A bit concerned about getting my car unburied at the Newark Airport since it is outside and they just had around 2 feet of snow on Wednesday.  But, guess I will cross that path when I get there.  Right now, I have to get out of here and headed east.  Had a good time with my dad and step-mom.  Lots of relaxing and running around Grants Pass (boy is it small).  lol  Also saw my old physics lab partner from high school, Mark.  He has not changed much over the years.  He works for a Medford firm in their IT department on swing shift.  Watching TV right now and have already picked up most of my things so that I will be ready to pack in the morning.


Saturday, January 22, 2011 5:20pm PST (Grants Pass, Oregon)

Well I made it here finally.  Had a nice trip but was in the airport for a spell.  Had a nice tour around town and now just kicking back. 


Saturday, January 22, 2011 2:00pm PST (24,000' over California)

Finally got out of San Francisco. Once we got on board, the pilot said something about a mechanical issue with the other plane and that this crew had to shuttle another plane from North Bend, Oregon down.  The podium attendant was telling us it was weather related problems in North Bend.  She must not have had the entire picture given to her.  But I am on board and now I am flying over California headed to Medford.  Was reading while I was the airport.  Could use some sleep since I started out early.  But I am not missing the weather.  It was COLD when I left and this 60 degrees here is great.  Grants Pass is supposed to be in the 50's so that will be a nice change.  It's supposed to be in the single digits tonight and Sunday back home.  Well, got some more of my book to read and will work on my power point presentation and other things I brought with me over the next week.  Oh, there was no WiFi in the section of the airport I was in.  So I did not update until I got web service again.  Thus the time delay.


Saturday, January 22, 2011 9:00am EST (32,000' over America)

On board the plane and had breakfast now.  Was going to do some work.  The plane has a nice electrical outlet right between seats but the guy in front of me is leaned way back in his chair so my screen is leaning forward. Tried to hang off one side or the other but it just is not working.  So have the screen tilted forward and can only kind of see what I am typing. I will edit when I get to San Fran before I post it.  Have a real nice gal next to me.  She is headed to Sacramento and just fly in from New Delhi, India on a 16 hour flight.  She works for the government and is a doctor.  Not sure exactly but a really nice gal.  She is working away on her laptop too.  I have a book and will go back to that in a minute.  Need to change my batteries here just in case I do not find a plug in at San Fran to will work.  I was down to like 30 minutes of power after they called the flight to board.  Anyway, a little bumpy but nothing bad.  Cold too.  Food was good.  Brought a few mags with me in my suitcase for reading later. Was trying to remember when I was last in Grants Pass.  Not sure.  Seems like it has been around 5 years but will ask if Dad remembers.  My friend who lived in Medford and worked for the National Weather Authority moved in October to Dodge City, KS.  Kelly got a promotion and took the job.  So I can not even see him while in town.  Oh well.


Saturday, January 22, 2011 5:45am EST

Finally got online and made the update.  Then say the reminder about my late February OSHA / PESH class that I am teaching and remembered that I had forgot to print up the slides for that class so that I could edit them while I was on vacation.  Drat.  Well, guess I can do it from memory and just online.  Kind of old fashion from time to time where I like to have the paper and write on it and look at how it's going to look.  Then go edit it.  Oh, and my billfold is starting to fall apart.  I will have to look at replacing it.  It is a special one that holds my badge on one side so it's not just one I can pick up at a store.  Have to order it online.  Guess it's time.  Wow, more people here now.  They should start boarding in about 15 minutes.  The customer service people at the gate are now here too.  About 80 people here at the gate now.  I arrive in San Fran at 10am. Flying First Class again. That will be nice.  Especially when it is coast to coast.  Ah, one of the pilots just got here.  Hurray.  We can fly now.  lol - Ok. time to shut down and get ready.  If I can, will type an update while waiting for my transfer flight in San Francisco.


Saturday, January 22, 2011 5:20am EST

Well I am out of here.  It was 15 degrees this morning as I drove to the Newark Airport headed to Oregon by way of San Francisco. I hear that we are looking at another foot of snow on Tuesday/Wednesday.  Ha ha.  I will be in Oregon in 50 degree weather.  Things have been rough at work recently.  Not bad, just lots of little things as one is trying to get ready to leave for a week.  It snowed yesterday morning and we got another 4+ inches of the white stuff.  Really made it a mess for people to get to work in the morning.  I just shoveled off the snow and slid/skated my way in.  I always take the route with no hills when it's icy or snowy, and headed in about an hour earlier so that I missed all of the nut jobs out there on the roads.  Nice and quiet but then lots of things going on.  I blinked and it was already 10.  Other wise things are fine.  I still need to loose weight but that is nothing out of the ordinary. Smokey has been good. She needs her nails clipped again and she needs a check up too.  Looking forward to a week in Southern Oregon.  Have both of my computers since I have a minor project that I need to double check some emails on Wednesday.  My blackberry will keep me current but it is so much easier to email off of the computer rather than the blackberry.  That is good for little emails and quick replies.  Taking a class in late June called email overload. That will be interesting since I get literally hundreds of emails a day and send a large amount each day too.  Flight leaves here in about 1 hour and then I have a 2 hour layover in San Fran.  I have to get from one concourse to a totally different one.  So that will be interesting.  Maybe I will get some work done on the plane too.  Lines here at the airport were light even though it is so close to boarding time.  The TSA people were all lined up getting ready for a flood of people and as I sit here I am seeing more and more people coming this way.  Only about a dozen people in the area right now.  But I like to be early so that I do not have to rush through security or have problems with the car.  I pulled in and saw the economy bus going around the lot.  So I parked in a nice spot 41. Got my bags, locked the car and walked a few feet to the bus stop and poof.  The bus arrived. Thank goodness since it's so cold outside.  Walked right up to elite check-in as well and the same for security.  NICE....  Anyway, off we go.


Saturday, January 8, 2011 2:30pm EST

Happy New Year anyone who might read this.  My blog has fallen out of favor mainly because of my time constraints doing other things.  That and the fact that I spend so much time on the computer, something needed to go so that I could deal with other things.  My to-do list continues to grow and I just happened to think of this today so did an update.  Changed my countdown clocks.  Changed some pictures and generally updated.  Went to Starbucks earlier and then picked up the mail.  Just kicking back.  Had to be in The City tomorrow for a FD meeting and dinner with the Commissioners.  It's an annual event and is always fun to see everyone.  In a few weeks I fly to Oregon to visit my dad.  He is a newly installed City Councilor where I grew up.  Have not had the opportunity to see him in several years so looking forward to being with him and my step-mom Connie for a week.  Went to see my cardiologist the other day.  After changing my meds, my blood pressure is now 118/70 which he liked very much.  Before it was 140/80 and my legs and feet were swollen.  He has added a few meds and changed the dosage on one.