Update for February 2011



Saturday, February 26, 2011 10:30pm EST

Tis the night before my OSHA Sunday class and all was quiet. So quiet that not even the putty tat was running around. Have been asleep and just resting. Will get up around 5:30am, shower, dress, pack the car and then head over to the Arena dinner for breakfast. Will sit there and review my handouts to just refresh the material into my head and then take Paul (room mate) home when he gets done with his shift at 7am. Will drop him off, then will pick up the bagels and lunch meat at the Bagels and More store and drive in to pick up Jeffrey.  Then off to set the room up and be ready to great people at 9am with bagels and coffee.  I have 41 students now registered for the class, and 50 handouts so should be able to handle any last minute drop ins that did not pre-register. We are supposed to get a dusting of snow tonight so that should be interesting. Thank goodness nothing like any real accumulation. That would really make me depressed.  Next week I am in Pittsburgh (Thursday-Sunday) for a conference. Driving there so that should be fun and interesting.


Friday, February 25, 2011 6am EST

Yesterday was very busy for me but also sad. Mom called early and her little sweet Zoey passed away.  Talked with her a bit but was on the phone with my boss.  I called her back later and my aunt had just arrived.  Zoey was a very sweet little gal.  I will miss her when I visit in May.  On other news, it is raining here rather fiercely. But I am getting my stuff together and ready for my big 6 hour class on Sunday.  Going to be a busy weekend.


Sunday, February 20, 2011 9:10pm EST

Sitting over at Starbucks finishing up my OSHA classes that I will be teaching next Sunday.  I have three classes that I will be giving to about 35 firefighters.  They are part of the annual refresher classes that OSHA requires. Much better to get it out of the way in February for many of us instead of taking up 6 hours out on the island when they are at their summer house for the weekend.  So far, everyone has enjoyed being able to see everyone in February too. Kind of gets you to think that Spring is just around the corner. Then again, it is going to snow tonight.  Argh.  But next weekend is looking like rain and 40 degrees so that will be fine.  Anyway, the four classes are (in order): Blood borne Pathogens, HazMat Refresher, OSHA #1 - Station General Safety and OSHA #2 - Scene Safety.  The other two classes that are hands on and must be taught out on the island are OSHA #3 - Basic SCBA Safety and OSHA #4 - Advanced SCBA Safety.  SCBA being Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. Well, I am about to head home. Most of the snow is gone except for some that was piled high. It has been a nice weekend. I have this class next weekend, and then the first weekend of March (the very next weekend) I will be in Pittsburgh for a conference.


Saturday, February 12, 2011 3pm EST

Over at Starbucks working on my OSHA class that I am giving in two (2) weeks.  Fighting a cold so slept most of the day so far.  But have to get this review started and get ready to present this class.  So here I am.  The weather has been cold and lots of snow on the ground still. But they say we will be pushing 50 this next week. So that is nice. Anyway, back to my work.