Update for July 2011


Friday, July 22, 2011 8:30am EDT

Out on Fire Island keeping cool.  The heat wave has not extended here and we had a nice cool breeze last night as well.  But, today I have to go off island (as we say) to get my car fixed.  This light came on my dash board while I was driving out here at 5am on Wednesday.  I got to a spot in Sayville and pulled over.  Read the owners manual and it said LOW TIRE PRESSURE.  Oh shoot.  I jumped out and sure enough, my right rear tire was about flat.  Drove on to my parking spot and got on the ferry.  Now I have to go get it fixed because when I head home on Sunday, I do not think I will find any place open.


Monday, July 18, 2011 9:30pm EDT

Wow, what a time since I have last updated things here.  Pride events in NYC were very busy this year.  Before that I was busy with Fire Department training and coordinating things. And now it's after PRIDE and I have been teaching OSHA/PESH classes to two other fire departments on the island.  Ocean Bay Park this last weekend and Fire Island Pines this weekend.  OSHA/PESH have state and federal requirements that call for annual refresher safety training along with other items to help everyone brush off their skills and memory and generally be safe.


So, busy, busy.  Work has been the usual.  Never a dull day.  I love IT because it's always different.  I think I could never have been a financial person.  Always dealing with numbers year in and year out.  I think I would have gone mad.  But 27 years now in Information Technology and even the name of the department has changed multiple times.  From Data Processing to Management Information Systems to several other things too over the years.


Anyway, I am home right now working on the computer and was just thinking about this blog.  So decided to update it.  Virtual hugs to all.

Man that snow looks great up there covering my car.  It was 95 here to today.  And none of that "It is a dry Heat" bull like my mother says. It was dank and humid.  Yuck.....