Update for October 2011


Saturday, October 29, 2011 2:30pm EDT

OMG!!! It is so snowing outside.  We have already broken the record for the earliest snow storm (most snow + earliest) in history.  That would be since they started keeping records back around 1850.  I went to Starbucks to read for class (chapter 14) and got buried while there.  The trees all have leaves still so they are really weighted down.  Here are some pics of my car only after about 1 1/2 hours at Starbucks.  Power just zapped here which is really saying something since we almost never get power hits here.  The underground power to the complex comes directly from the substation.  So that means the entire grid took a hit.



and it is still coming down.  I just took some pictures out the window to give you an idea what it is like.  Remember THIS IS OCTOBER.  I called my mom.  Expecting to hear from her soon commenting on how warm it is in Arizona right now.  lol



Yes, that is my car in the center of the right picture here.  The first three pictures are looking out the window in the front room (due South) and the last one is facing east out the second bedroom.  Ok, I have to get to cleaning up a few things and relaxing.  Have to be down at school (Fire School) on Sunday.  Good thing this is suppose to stop tonight.  That will give them plenty of time to clear the roads tonight.  I have to drive about an hour southwest of here to be at class at 8:30am.  Great!!!  We are giving our first 15-minute oral presentations.  Should be a fun filled day.


Thursday, October 27, 2011 9pm EDT
This weekend is the end of British Summer Time in England.  And I am here again at Starbucks working on my presentation for Sunday.  It's a bit long but at least the first pass is done.  Lesson plan is done as well.  Now I just need to polish it up a bit and double check my time.  Have a costume / dinner that I am attending on Saturday, so really need to finish it up and get the copies made, etc.  Class starts at 8:30am on Sunday.  25 of us in the class so that will take a bit to get through.  Forgot how diverse Starbucks is here.  Right now I do not hear a word of English.  There are three groups of people around me and they are all talking a different language.  Non-Spanish by the way.  One group of 50-60 something are speaking what sounds like Russian.  A group of younger guys sounds Polish and the two gals behind me I can't hear very well to make out what it is.  But not Spanish.  The Oriental gal sitting in front of me is by herself and just typing on her computer.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011 9:30pm EDT

At Starbucks working on my 15 minute oral presentation I am giving on Sunday at my Fire Service Instructor II class.  Just finished the Lesson Plan and now want to get another drink and walk back through it.  Have an idea for some of the PowerPoint slides that I am going to use. Have to be careful to scale it down to keep within the time frame.  Only have 15 minutes for the entire presentation so need to review the objectives and layout to make sure they are appropriate.  Will dive into the slides themselves on Thursday.  Class starts at 8:30am on Sunday so have to be done Saturday afternoon.  Have a Halloween party that I am attending (in costume) on Saturday evening.  Good thing it is an early party (8pm).


Monday, October 24, 2011

I started my Fire Service Instructor II class down in Somerset County, New Jersey.  Gad, it's only an hour away from here but it's still out in the boonies compared to what I am used to.  Excellent instructor from what I can sum up from the first class.  He really knows his stuff and balances the discussion vs. war stories well.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

I was down in Mercer County, New Jersey for a Fire Service presentation / refresher on use of appropriate forms for large scale fire events.  Lots of good information.  I have to take so many CEU's (Continuing Education Units) in order to renew my certification.  Wow, about a 1 1/2 hour drive from my place.


Saturday, October 15, 2011 6pm EDT

Just had a fun dinner at Matt & Brian's with our friends Frank, Brian & Matt, Matt's mom, Justin drove in from Long Island and Darren came up from Virginia.  Simon showed up later after work and hung out with us.  It was a pre-Thanksgiving dinner party that went rather well.  We all had a great afternoon of fun.  I learned that I made way to much potato salad but now I have lots of it for the next week.  lol  Dinner party picture below.  Simon, Darren, Brian, (back) Frank, Matt and (front right) Justin.

Headed into the city later to see Jeffrey's new costume shop that he recently fully moved into.  





Thursday, October 6, 2011 10:10pm EDT

Out on Fire Island for my last weekend. It is cool so I know it is October.  But it also is rather peaceful out here with the majority of people gone.  Good time to reflect but also a time to finish up closing and get ready for the fall/winter of reality back in Jersey.  I am living on my own again.  Well, Smokey (my cat) and me that is.  No roommate right now.  Have to clean up the apartment when I get a weekend at home.  I am on call all next week so that will be interesting and I get to spend an entire 5 days at work.  Wow, people at work are not going to know what hit them.  Overall, it has been a lack luster summer.  Had a nice time but really have been out of it.  Always something else to do.  Just so much that I seem to do and I am either getting bored with it all because I have little time for myself or I am getting overloaded or I am just tired.  Not sure which.  I am taking a 45 hour Fire Instructor II class this fall which should help me pass my state certification.  I had to renew my Fire Instructor 1 certification this fall/winter so I decided to upgrade to the Instructor II instead of just doing the recert.  That should get me going.  Something that I love to do.  Well, hugs to all for now.  Maybe I will download some pictures tomorrow.