Update for November 2011


Wednesday, November 30, 2011 10:45pm EST

Wow, what a rough test.  Just finished my NJ state Fire Instructor 2 exam.  It was really a difficult test.  Lots of questions that I was not sure about and generally a very difficult test.  Fingers cross that I will pass it.  Should know in about 2 weeks.  Have to head out to Long Island for a meeting tomorrow so up at 4:30am to be on the road by 5am to beat the traffic.  Tree lighting tonight I hear went well.  Major Grid Lock Alert in Manhattan mid-town today.  Glad my test is over.  Now I can work on some other things I need to get done.


Sunday, November 27, 2011 2:00pm EST

Ok, finished my review.  Going to head home now.  Here are the results:  Student Attributes and Behavior (90%), Preparation for Instruction (83%), Instructional Delivery (85%), Audiovisual Technology (83%) you would think I would be able to ace this one but there was some very difficult questions in this and how they relate to educational presentation, etc. and Structured Exercises, Demonstrations, and Practical Training Evolutions (88%).  Well, I feel great that even during my review I never scored lower than 70% on any one chapter.  The final state test is 100 questions on Wednesday.


Sunday, November 27, 2011 12:15pm EST

Back at Starbucks working on the other chapters.  I have 5 more chapters to review.  There are 13 chapters that are part of the Instructor 1 which might have a few questions on the test.  So I am just reviewing those.  Then there are 6 chapters that are the Instructor 2 chapters.  They are/and my most recent score on that chapter: Lesson Plan Development (83%), Instructor and Course Evaluations (92%); Student Testing Instruments (83%); Course and Evolution Management (90%); Administrative Duties (91%) and Supervision and Management (90%).  So I am rather feeling good about this upcoming test on Wednesday.  


Here is the stuff I have already reviewed: Challenges of Fire and Emergency Services Instruction (97%); Safety and the Training Function (88%); Legal and Ethical Considerations (78%) ok, that one is on my to review again list, lol; Effective Interpersonal Communication (92%); Instructional Facilities and Props (76%); Report Writing and Record Keeping (88%); Principles of Learning (82%) and Student Progress Evaluation and Testing (89%).  I still have Student Attributes and Behavior, Preparation for Instruction, Instructional Delivery, Audiovisual Technology and Structured Exercises, Demonstrations, and Practical Training Evolutions to review.  Time for another mocha.  I had one when I started this morning around 9am and then I had a Mighty Mango so that I got my fruits for the day.  Ok, time to stretch, walk around a bit and get back to reviewing another chapter.  Oh, and post this to the web.


Saturday, November 26, 2011 5:30pm EST

Sitting at Starbucks working on my upcoming test Wednesday.  Have been going thru the CBT (Computer Based Training) disk that I have which goes through the various chapters. Doing rather well so hope I will do ok.  About to head out of here and go to a holiday party I am suppose to be at about 7pm.  Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  I think I had the best one I have had in many years.  Was with friends, good food, and great company.  Really enjoyed myself.  Last night I was on-call covering for the night person who was on vacation.  Had three calls during the night.  So I really needed a nap earlier.  Also got up early and saw HUGO at Clifton Commons AMC theatre.  So that was nice to just take a break from everything and see a movie.


Sunday, November 20, 2011 7:00am EST

Wow, where has the month gone.  It has been so busy. I am cooking bacon and eggs right now so have to watch my time.  Have been very busy with my Fire Instructor 2 classes and the prep for the state test on Wednesday, November 30th.  Working on the study guide which is computer based.  Took the chapter tests for the sections that we covered and did rather well.  Will go through them again later today.  Have to start re-reading the first section (Instructor 1) to pick up a few things. I understand a small percentage of the questions will be on the first section of the book even thought Instructor 2 is only the later part.  My friend Warren and I are headed to see the new Twilight movie this morning at 9am.  That is why I am up so soon.  Oops.  Bacon calling.  Ok, I have a few minutes now.  Smokey loves the smell and is running around the house like a mad kitty.  Ok, she is a mad kitty but that is besides the point.  It rally dropped into Fall fast this year.  After our freak snow fall, we warmed back up to 70 and now it's cold again (40's).  The trees turned a really nice red color and then poof.  All the leaves came off of them in about a week.  Guess people will be happy they only have to rake once this year.  Went shopping on Friday so I have the turkey in my freezer right now.  Have to take it out so that it can start defrosting today.  Turkey bacon calling.  Later.