Update for May 2012


Monday, May 28, 2012 3:06am EDT

Wow, very tired but wanted to drop a line to my blog since it's been a spell.  Got a new room mate for the summer.  He is from Scotland.  Working here for the summer and then going back to school.  He was here last summer which is when I first met him.  He is out with me here on Fire Island this weekend.  His first time ever out here.  Lots of drunk people around and very busy down at the dock but the season has really kicked in now.  Ok, I am going to try and get some sleep and then get up in the morning and head back to Smokey and home.


Friday, May 18, 2012 1:15am EDT

Well another season has started on Fire Island and I am deep in it.  Lots to do.  Lots going on with the Fire Department, Dock and of course work.  And that does not even start to factor in Heritage of Pride too.  We launched a new web site and darn does it look good.  This week I had to take an additional day off of work to finish up the hose testing on Tuesday.  Poor Smokey (my cat) was rather upset but then she got over it.  She got to sleep with me Tuesday night and Wednesday night before I headed back out here.  Anyway, I have finished my computer work and am winding down and about to head off to bed.  Got a lot of things to do in the morning.


Monday, May 14, 2012 9pm EDT

I am on Fire Island.  Spent the entire day working on the hose testing for the department.  Had a meeting in the city that I had to back out of.  We still have 3 hose houses left to test.  Other than that, have been very busy.  Got the house opened up.  But just a lot of work.  


Sunday, May 6, 2012 6am AST Phoenix Airport

Here early.  Flight is full.  First time I ever checked in at the counter and the computer tells me that they maybe in an over sold situation and would I be interested in taking a later flight?  Well, I know there later flight would put me in very late so said no.  Just want to get back home now and Matt will be waiting at the airport for me so that I can get home and see Smokey.  Had a good time at the coronation last night.  Reconnected with lots of friends from here and near here.  Have a full week of events with the dock out in Cherry Grove and opening of my house as well.  Also have an executive board meeting for NYC Pride on Monday night so no rest this coming week at all.  The new web site for NYC Pride really looks good.  Have not had time to really use the web site much but the few spots I have really look nice.  Only 40 days now until the start of PRIDE in NYC.


Thursday, May 3, 2012 Mesa, Arizona

Had a great day.  It's mom's birthday so my sister called and sang to her.  We had some excellent pork chops and double stuffed potatoes for dinner then we played cards.  I won both games which was really rare for me.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  Week with mom is coming to a close but I had a great time.  Just relaxing, seeing my friend Ken and enjoying the quiet time at mom's.