Update for September 2012




Wednesday, September 19, 2012 8:30pm EDT - recap of Day from Hell

I normally have good days and something goes wrong but to have multiple items happen in 24 hours is just plain silly.  And to Jeffrey as well.  What a day from hell this has been.  I am still on call, already had two calls to deal with and still have 2 1/2 hours to go before I can sleep.  So might as well type here since my TV here on the island is dead.  Oh, I am getting ahead of myself.  Sorry.  SPOILER ALERT there.


Started off the morning after the big storm Tuesday night by getting up around 4:15am.  Showered, packed and was ready to go.  But for some reason I was really tired.  Had woken up around 3am to pee and just was out of it for some reason.  Get Smokey into her carrier.  Bags down the stairs and into the car.  All set.  Off we go across the George Washington bridge, ok, I always take the Martha Washington bridge which is the lower level of the George but not to many people know that.  So, I am almost to the Throgs Neck bridge headed into Queens when I realize I HAVE LEFT MY CELLULAR PHONE AT HOME.  Shoot.  Ok, I said something much more stronger since I rarely mess up like that.  Turn around and head back across the Martha Washington and back to home.  Ok, I am home and Smokey is crying.  I think she needs to potty.  So I left her out and feed her a little bit.  She eats and then looks up and me and says, "Are we going or not?".  So I scope her up and away we go again.  Ok, there is no way I am going to make the 7am boat and due to the schedule, the next boat is 10:15am.  So I go ahead and stop at my local Starbucks which is now open.  When I first went by it was still closed.  Chat a little and head out with my Mocha in hand.  Get across the Throgs Neck bridge this time and my mocha then decides it does not want to be drunk by me and jumps out of the cup all over my front.  Good thing it had cooled otherwise that could have been really bad.  Lovely, but manageable.  A few napkins out of the glove box and we are still headed here.  I get to Sayville and stop at my other Starbucks and get another drink.  Do some business at the post office and head to the ferry terminal.  Chat with Warren where I park my car and Smokey and I take the boat out to the island.  


But wait, there is more.  I get out here and the electricity in the house is all wrong.  My UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is just singing the blues and I have a red warning light that says building wiring fault.  After resetting all of the circuit breakers to no avail, I go out to the pole to look.  Sure enough there is a broken ground wire at the pole.  GREAT.... JUST GREAT....  So I head back in to call LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) who dispatches a crew.  Crew shows up and fixes the ground wire.  I start checking everything in the house.  Two dead alarm clocks, one dead answering machine, one dead TV, one dead Motorola portable radio power supply, one dead Motorola fire pagers power supply and a very upset and distraught me.  Ah, Smokey was happy at this point because she was here and was fed again.  Right now she is under the covers of the bed.  For some reason she has taken to snuggling under the covers.  Must be getting colder.  Hmmmm.  Anyway, so that is the general long story of my day.  A few other things from time to time but generally a dead TV that I now have to replace at the start of next season.  Good thing the refrigerator is still working.  Oh, the LIPA guys, who I happen to know and who is retiring next week, showed me how the ground came in contact with one of the hot wires into the house and shorted.  He was surprised I did not have more damage in the house.  


And now for Jeffrey.  We had a deluge yesterday in the evening.  Jeffrey's theatre has a flat roof.  The ton of water on the roof could not get down the down spout and off of the roof because of the limited reducer right about at Jeffrey's balcony over looking 4th Street.  The water then broke free and flooded Jeffrey's balcony.  The water was 3 feet or more deep on the balcony before the weight of it (8.3 lbs per galloon) - broke the balcony door and flooded Jeffrey's 2nd floor costume shop.  Jeffrey arrived to water coming down the stairs and generally several inches of water on his entire floor.  He has been picking up and discarding boxes that were on the floor and trying to dry bolts of fabric that got damaged as well. Then they went downstairs to the scene shop and found that water had leaked through the electrical plugs to there as well.


So generally a rather bad weather and day for both of us.  And my mom thinks it's cool that water runs out of her downspouts.  HA...  :)

Oh yeah, I posted that on my facebook since I seemed to be on a hiatus from here for some reason. Ok, that is enough for now.  


Tuesday, September 18, 2012 2:30pm EDT

Wow, that has been a spell.  Kept thinking about this a bit over the summer but boy did I ever really let it go.  Sorry. Just busy I guess.  Adding a link to the National Fallen Firefighter tribute.  Headed back out to Fire Island on Wednesday morning.  Maybe I will see about taking sometime and filling in a bit of the history here.  Will be getting the house ready to close on Fire Island this weekend too.