Update for April 2013


Monday, April 29, 2013 5:00pm AST - Mesa, Arizona

Well, it is official - first triple digit day here in Arizona.  102 officially here in Phoenix, Arizona.  I have not been outside for a few hours.  Relaxing and took a nap in the fully air conditioned house here.  The last triple digit day here was on October 3, 2012.  Ok, that is hot.  Here are a few shots from my trip so far.

Mom all dressed up for her Sorority Founds Day event. Mesa Swap Meet Cat Sitter DVD - Wow! Empress & Emperor of Arizona at the in-town event on Sunday night.




Saturday, April 27, 2013 5:30pm AST (Arizona Standard Time - Pacific Daylight Saving Time)

If you are not from this area, you might not know that Arizona never changes their clocks.  So officially they are Arizona Standard Time year round.  During the winter they are 2 hours off of the east coast and now, during the summer months, they are 3 hours off.  Anyway, at my mothers in Mesa kicking back and enjoying the weather.  It is 96 degrees here and I am outside on the back patio working on the computer.  Ran some errands today with Bill (Step-dad) and later with mom.  Have a full week of events ahead of me so we will hope that everything quiets down back home.  Miss Smokey back home.  Hugs to all.


Friday, April 26, 2013 4:20pm EDT  **Newark / Liberty International Airport, Terminal C, Gate 112 **

Arrived early and now just doing some emails and general work on the computer.  Finally doing an update to my blog here.  It has been a bit.  Let's see, what has been going on with me.  Lots to do out on Fire Island because of Sandy.  For the first time we have a dock manager out there on the weekends now which is great.  I have been hearing great things about the person being there Friday, Saturday and Sunday as things start to pick up out there.  I will be back 5/5 and then will head out that next weekend to open.  Right now I am headed to Phoenix to be with my mom and step-dad for a week before attending the Phoenix Imperial Coronation next weekend.  


I have had several medical appointments recently and one of my doctors said I was the healthiest fat man he knows.  A quote from our governor here in Jersey.  So he said my issues were minor and other than the obvious that I need to loose weight (something my cardiologist agrees with) my blood work is great.  My cholesterol was 139 which he said is like half of his and my liver numbers were all great too.  So that made me feel better.  Now that summer is here, time to walk more and get out and exercise.  Hmmm, did not realize that exercise was such a four letter word.  :)  Time will tell.  Hugs to all and have a great weekend.



Here is a picture of me at the 2013 Night of A Thousand Gowns at the New York Hilton.  With me are several people from Quest Diagnostics including the tall guy to MY right is our new Senior Vice President of Sales, Everett Cunningham.  It was great to have all of them attend the ball and to have Quest Diagnostics return as a sponsor of the Imperial Court of New York again.


Friday, April 5, 2013 5:20pm EDT

At the New York Hilton on 6th Avenue getting ready for Night of A Thousand Gowns.  It is going to be a very big event at the ball tomorrow.  All of the run up to it is very different this year since we are at a different hotel.  Just a bit of excitement.  Had an opportunity to get outside a bit this morning.  Walked over to the St. Thomas church and walked inside.  It was beautiful inside.  Very big place and only about a block from St. Patrick's Cathedral.


Monday, April 1, 2013 1:45pm EDT

Been very busy as you might have guessed.  Been out to the island on several occasions now doing post Super storm Sandy assessment and prioritization for getting the town ready for the Memorial Day weekend coming up.  Had a good time at the Easter Parade on 5th Avenue right in front of St. Patrick's yesterday.  Must have had over one thousand pictures of me taken yesterday with everyone from 2 year old to 90 year olds.  I was out there from about noon until 3pm.  Got Night of A Thousand gowns coming up this weekend.  I am off Thursday thru Monday for that.  Busy.