Marquis Edward Xian (aka Edward Renner) update 2/29/2008

My adopted nephew Edward.  He is also in the Imperial Court of New York.  Edward first moved in with me back in 1992 in Portland.  We have been good friends ever since.  I think one of the reason we get along so well is our relationship is very Uncle/Nephew in nature.  I am a good listener for him and when he is being a 'butt' I can just give him a look that will crack him up because he knows he is not going to pull any wool over my eyes. Edward was in the Marines and then moved back to Washington state.  He visited me one summer and then decided to get a job for the season out on Fire Island as a Lifeguard in the summer of 2005.  After that, he lived on my sofa for a few months after than when he secured a job at Quest Diagnostics.  I got him the introduction but he got the job all on his own and did an excellent job.  He was a Billing Data Entry Operator for over a year.  Edward now works in the Billing Customer Service Group.  He gets to help customers with their billing problems all day long.  Lucky him.  

Here are some more recent photo's of Edward.

Edward at the 2007 Easter Parade on 5th Avenue. This photo was in the NEW YORK TIMES. Edward as a lifeguard summer 2005 Edward with Katie Ames of Law and Order on October 14, 2007 at the PFLAG Dinner.
(left) Edward with our friend Angel and Kevin at the Imperial Photo Shoot in October 2007.

(right) Edward holding my Sword of State at the Imperial Photo Shoot in October 2007.



Edward many years ago.  I think about 2001 or 2002 Edward around the same time.

 Here are several more pictures of Edward that I have previously posted.

Here is a good picture of Edward from the 2006 ICNY Holiday Party.  We have our holiday party in January each year at the world famous Tavern on the Green in Central Park.

Here is a fun picture of Edward when we were headed to some event this last year. (circa 2005 since he is wearing a Tony & Robin reign pin)

Edward loves to play with Tiffany.  She does not look to happy here.  But she really loves all of the attention she gets.