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Bergen County Fire Academy

Fire Officer One Series

Classes Completed at Mahwah Company 4 Firehouse
  start date 05-02 CLASSES
  August 16, 2005 ADRF Arson Detection for the 1st Responder (5 classes)
  September 6, 2005 BCWO Building Construction: Wood & Ordinary (7 classes)
  September 29, 2005 HMIA Hazardous Materials Incident Analysis (5 classes)
  October 18, 2005 ICTO Initial Company Tactical Operations (5 classes)
  November 8, 2005 ITCO Instructional Techniques for Company Officers (5 classes)
  December 1, 2005 ISO Incident Safety Officer (5 classes)
  December 20, 2005 CISD Critical Incident Stress Management (1 class)


ADRF: This course is intended to give Fire and Police personnel much of the information required to assist a trained investigator in making on-scene fire cause determinations.

BCWO: This course was designed by the National Fire Academy for firefighters to gain an understanding of how the construction type, alterations, design and materials will influence a building's reaction to fire.  The goals are to reduce firefighter injuries in building fires, improve operational effectiveness, and improve pre-fire plans and communication with building department officials, designers, builders and the public on building construction and fire.

HMIA: This course was designed by the National Fire Academy in order for firefighters to identify hazardous materials incident potential and be able to analyze what possible steps can be taken to mitigate the situation in a safe manner.

ICTO: This course was designed by Emergency Resources, Inc. to impart the principle of incident analysis, engine company functions, truck company functions and coordination and application of tactical operations.

ITCO: This course was designed by the National Fire Academy to impart the principles of teaching and proper management of fire department training sessions to those responsible for conducting drill and in-service training.

ISO: This National Fire Academy course will enable the student to function effectively as the Safety Officer at Fire Department incident operations. The primary focus shall be on developing decision-making skills through the recognition of cues that affect personal safety. 

The role of the Incident Safety Officer (ISO) falls into two clear-cut categories:

             1) Those associated with responding at the incident scene.

             2) Those associated with managing the day-to-day affairs of the department.


CISD: Participants will learn about stress in the Fire Service and how to apply sound stress managing principles.

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