Photo Gallery (Friends)
Updated 2001, January 2003, February 2005 and August 2006 (below)

Kelly just getting out of the shower Kelly at the computer Kelly (LEFT) Kelly just getting out of the shower. He normally showers after being in the spa. His skin is sensitive to the chemicals.

(MIDDLE) Kelly at the computer.

(RIGHT) Kelly circa 1996. Kelly went to the University of Oklahoma where he recently saw the tornadoes up close. He wants to study weather.  As of January 2005, he has graduated and living in Houston, Texas working as a Meteorologist. He is loving being in a city much more open.  We stay in touch via email from time to time.


(LEFT) Jack - January 2001.  Jack lives south of here in something called the Oranges.  I know they are down south of here and that there are several Oranges.  Jack used to work in Client Services and now works for the Regional Support Center (Help Desk) from home 2nd shift.


(BELOW - Left to Right) 1 & 2 - Edward.  I've known Edward for many years now.  I first was introduced to my Miss Gay Portland by Edward one night on the couch.  Edward is now living with me again (see Edward link) here in New Jersey.  Edward visited me on Fire Island in the summer of 2002 and then moved back to NJ in 2005.   3. Garlynn currently lives in California.  We stay in touch via email.   4 & 5.  Kris - Have lost touch of him.  He moved down to the Grants Pass area with his Mom sometime before I left Oregon.  His dad used to be the Deputy Chief of Police in Portland. ** 12/03 Ran into Kris at a bar in Portland on my last day before flying back to Newark but the email address I have was copied down wrong so have never been able to get in touch with him.  Kris used to live in my basement years ago.


(Left) Michael and Philomena.  Both friends from the Imperial Court of New York and from Fire Island.  (Right) My friend Gefil Tefish aka Jeffrey.  We share a place on Fire Island over the summer.  We also travel to various court functions around the Northeast.  He is a great costume designer and makes lots of outfits for various people within the court system.


(LEFT) Mark and I at the Newark, New Jersey airport.  Mark left in May 2000 and went back to Portland, Oregon.  As of 2003 he is living with a new boyfriend and working out some personal health problems.  I had the opportunity to spend sometime with him while I was in Portland in December 2002.   Mark and I were together (mostly as friends) for almost 10 years (off and on).



More friends

Susan and Dennis (friends from Starbucks)

Kevin and Michael at Florent