Gallery of 2006

Here are some mixed pictures from this year to date.

From the Cherry Grove Fire Department open house.  The community had a great time.  The little lady on the left is our First Assistant Chief's daughter.

Empress Anne Tique always knows how to bring smiles to even the smallest fans.  Here she is at Gay Pride doing what she does best.

above: Peter B and Phillip at Gay Pride this year.  The Court theme was Carnival and they did an excellent job of being dressed appropriately.  Peter also is the editor of our court newsletter. 

below: Empress Demi-Tasse worked her magic this year on several wigs at our annual Drag Tag Sale out on Fire Island.  Every year we raise money to help cover the cost of the Heritage of Pride Parade Float.  Demi donated her time to bring some poor, donated wigs back from the dead and liven them up.

above: Matt and Emperor Ron enjoying a photo op at the end of the Heritage of Pride Parade this year.

below: Norm, Empress Panzi (founder of the Invasion of the Pines) and Emperor Mathius Bloussant at the 30th anniversary of the Invasion of the Pines.  Every year we load everyone up in Cherry Grove with a big parade through town onto the ferry.  Then sail out into the bay and 'invade' The Fire Island Pines (the community next door to the east).