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Langley Family Photo's
My mother's side of the family

Evelyn Grace Krieger Langley

born December 4, 1909 in Walla Walla, Washington

died August 18, 2004 in Bend, Oregon

She married Fred L. Langley

March 15, 1929


Langley group Grandma & Grandpa Langley
(LEFT) Grandma and Grandpa Langley with their daughters at my grandfather's 90th Birthday last year. (left to right) My Mother Donna Langley Hughs, My Grandfather Fred Langley, My Grandmother Evelyn Langley and my aunt Barbara Langley Peyton. (RIGHT) My Grandparents Fred and Evelyn

Grandpa Fred in 1910 Grandpa Fred in 1918 Grandpa Fred in 1926 (FAR LEFT) Grandpa Fred in 1910.
(MIDDLE) Grandpa Fred in 1918.
(RIGHT) Grandpa Fred in 1926.

Grandma Evelyn in 1911 Grandma Evelyn in 1928 Great-Grandma Langley (FAR LEFT) Grandma Evelyn in 1910.
(MIDDLE) Grandma Evelyn in 1928.
(RIGHT) Great-Grandma Effie Aldorina Beard Langley Price, circa 1896. Barb has Effie's photo album and was able to identify this photo as coming from their. Thanks, Barb.

The Langley brothers in 1949 The Langley brothers in 1985 (LEFT) The Langley Clan in 1949.
(RIGHT) The Langley brothers in 1985. Grandpa Fred is second from the left.
Kelly, Debbie & Kim in 1974 (RIGHT) My aunt Barbara's girls, Kelly, Debbie and Kim in 1974. Kim won a Gold Medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. She passed away of a brain tumor in the mid 80's. Debbie is married with two boys and Kelly is married living on a hill with her Kevin and her two dogs.

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