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Welcome to my LINKS page

Here are some interesting links to other parts of my life that you might be interested in checking out.


Imperial Court of New York

Home Page for the Imperial Court of New York.  Lots of details on future events and general information about the court.  Our Night of a Thousand Gowns is the biggest of any coronation with the court system.  In 2006 we had over 1,100 seated for the event and donated $70,000 to our beneficiary.

Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon

The first court I belonged to was in Portland.  You can find me listed under the former title holders as Mr. Gay Portland.  I attend the Portland coronation each year in October.

International Court System

Home page for the International Court System.  This provides information on the 60+ official courts that make up the Court System in Canada, Mexico and the US.


Fire Links


Bergen County (NJ) Fire Academy

This is where I have taken most of my training to be a firefighter and where I volunteer to be an evaluator for them.  An evaluator verifies that the student knows their practical hands on enough to pass the course.

Suffolk County (Long Island, NY) Fire Academy

Suffolk is the county that my department is in.  We attend the Suffolk County Academy for hands on training as a department several times a year.  These are normally 'live' fire simulations which really help bolster the team work between our members.  Especially since we do not get that many real fires out in our little district.

Cherry Grove Fire Department

The home page for the Cherry Grove Fire Department.  See if you can spot me in the back of the bunch this year.  The group photo this year was taken off the deck of the fire house over looking the Great South Bay which is between Long Island and Fire Island.

Fire Officer One (2005) classes

Details about my most recent training.  The Fire Officer One series of classes that I took from Bergen County in late 2005.



University of Phoenix

BSIT degree

Details about my Bachelor's degree from the University of Phoenix Online campus.  I completed my Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology in 2003.

MSCIS degree

Details about my Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems.  I am currently working on completing my studies.


Miscellaneous Links



The Arts Project of Cherry Grove provides entertainment to the community during the season.  They produce various plays and events that really add some spice to the community.


The Light and Sound of God - Spiritual Link


New York City radio.  Here is a link that you can listen to New York City radio or you can just check up on the local news.