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My Parents - then and now
Donna Carol Langley Hughes and James Abbott Williams

Dad 1940 Mom 1946 Mom & Dad at wedding (FAR LEFT) Dad in 1940

(LEFT) Mom in 1946

(RIGHT) Mom and Dad on their wedding day, September 4, 1960.
Mom today Mom and Libby Mom & Grandpa at wedding (FAR LEFT) Mom today

(LEFT) Mom and Libby

(NEAR LEFT) Mom and Grandpa Langley going down the isle when Mom got remarried to Bill Hughes.
Mom & Bill's wedding Bill & my step-brother Ken (FAR LEFT) Mom & Bill

(LEFT) Bill and my step-brother Ken

Dad & new bus Dad on bike with me (FAR RIGHT) Dad with his new bus.
(RIGHT) Dad on a bike with me.
Dad & Connie Amy (LEFT) Dad and his new wife Connie

(RIGHT) My step-sister Amy






Picture of my dad and step-mom Connie January 2011.