Photo Gallery (Craig)

Here are some photo's of me. Hope you enjoy the tour through my life.

Me in the crown of the Statute of Liberty.  Me with my 97 lb pumpkin Me as a cub scoutMe and my cool bike
(ABOVE LEFT TO RIGHT) 1. Me in the crown of the Statue of Liberty in August 1998 on business.  2. Me and my 97 lb pumpkin.  I think I was in the 3rd grade.  3. Me as a cub scout.  4.  Me and my killer bike that dad made. Check out the forks on this baby.  (BELOW)  Yearly school photo's from 1st through 6th.   

me about 2nd grade
Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6

6th grade play Me in 1962 My Fort
(ABOVE FAR LEFT) Me as the MARCHED HARE in our 6th grade play of Alice in Wounderland meets the Wizard of Oz, or something like that. Mom made this great bunny rabbit costume for me. Scott Clayton, Richard Hackett (Madd Hatter) and Judy Wood (Alice) are with me.  (ABOVE MIDDLE) Me in 1962 baby photo.  Don't I look like a Gerber Food Poster Child?
(ABOVE RIGHT) This is a view of my fort that I had in the backyard. Dad brought in some plywood overseas packing crates and I made them into a fort. Grandma Williams was down from Salem visiting. Grandpa most likely was behind the camera. I always remember him with his camera at his side. Dad is with Grandma.

(BELOW LEFT) Me with Larry's daughter Daniel at Christmas 1998.  Little did I know that it would be the last Christmas that I would spend in my house on Bybee Blvd.  (BELOW CENTER) I used to host the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Clinton Street Theatre for some 12 years in Portland.  (BELOW RIGHT) Me somewhere in Canada.  My friend Judy took the picture.  We went on several bus trips following around our Portland Winter Hawks Hockey Team.