University of Phoenix
Classes Completed at the University of Phoenix.           Cumulative GPA 3.78


March1999 MGT/332 Organizational Behavior
A- April 1999 MGT/333 Organizational Communications
B+ May 1999 CIS/319 Computers and Information Processing
A- August 1999 CSS/415 Introduction to Software Engineering
A- December 2001 MGT/350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making
A January 2002 CMGT/410 Project Planning and Implementation
A- March 2002 BSA/400 Business Systems II
A September 2002 POS/355 Introduction to Operating Systems
A October 31, 2002 POS/370 Programming Concepts
A January 2, 2003 POS/400 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (Visual Basic)
A January 16, 2003 NTC/360 Network and Telecommunications Concepts
A February 13, 2003 POS/405 Advanced Visual Basic
A- February 27, 2003 WEB/410 Web Programming 1
A- March 20, 2003 NTC/410 Networks and Telecommunications II
A April 3, 2003 WEB/420 Web Programming 2
A May 1, 2003 DBM/380 Database Concepts
A May 22, 2003 WEB/350 The Internet: Concepts and Applications
B+ June 5, 2003 DBM/405 Database Management Systems
A- July 10, 2003 POS/410 SQL for Business
A August 28, 2003 POS/420 Introduction to UNIX
B September 25, 2003 POS/426 Windows 2000
A October 23, 2003 GEN/480 Interdisciplinary Capstone Course


January 4, 2004:  Just waiting on getting my degree in the mail.  Not sure what my next move will be.  Thinking of going back and starting my Masters but not sure.  Might take one Masters class at a time just to work through it and see.  Not going to start my Fight Fighter 1 class until Fall at the earliest.  It's 4 months of Tuesday/Thursday evenings, and I do not want to take it over the summer since I will be on Fire Island.  Just depends upon if I get into the Hasbrouck Heights department or not.  If not, then I can take the FF training on Fire Island next summer with the Suffolk County Fire Academy.  Time will tell. 


November 2, 2003: Received a B in my Windows 2000 class.  With me being in Oregon for part of that class I was rather pleased with it.  The instructor was also harder than most that I have had.  So I am pleased that I still got a B in the class.  My finally ethics class (Interdisciplinary Capstone) has been very wordy.  Lots of posts to read.  But my degree is in site.


August 27, 2003: Received an A- in my SQL class.  Boy, I thought I was going to bomb that class.  But I really pulled off an excellent last week and got full points.  


July 22, 2003: Was very pleased to get a B+ out of my last class.  This is the class that I was feeling like I was not doing very well in and B+ is just fine with me.  


July 3, 2003: An A was just posted for my WEB350 class.  I know that I am not doing that well in DBM405.  I'll be very happy with a B if I can pull that off.  Had a nice exchange with the instructor because one of my assignments was late and I got originally low points on it.  He gave me back 5 of the 8 points taken off.  So that made me feel better about it.  Now if I can just keep up with the last week of class I might do ok.  I found out from my advisor that I only needed a passing grade D- or better in the class and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better.  Well, with a 3.83 currently I do not think I will have a problem there.  Only 4 more classes left.


June 2003: Another A from my database class.  Something I really am weak on too.  For sure not my strong suit.


May 14, 2003: Pulled another A out of my hat.  Thought I would drop a few points on the final but got a 100.  Now it's on to the summer.  WEB350 over laps the end of my DBM380 class and the start of my DBM405 class.  After that, I will only have one class during the summer.


April 15, 2003: Realized that I had enrolled in my last classes.  So this is everything that is left until I graduate.  Wow.


March 24, 2003: Posted another A for POS405.  That brings my GPA up to 3.82.  My WEB410 class is not doing as hot.  Have already dropped a few points so expect to pull a 'B' out of it.  We will see.  Have lots of work over the next few weeks.


February 21, 2003:  Posted another A so I am feeling good.  Only dropped 2 points in my NTC/360 class and some of that was hard stuff too.  This week I have only one class but I start another on Thursday so I'll be back to two classes.


January 5, 2003:  I have started the new year with a bang.  So far I am keeping up in the class just fine and the other class that I start in another 2 weeks also looks like it will be a snap.  But the key is going to be keeping ahead in both classes.  This is the first time that I will be taking overlapping classes and with the accelerated pace of these classes, I have to make sure that I do not fall behind in any of them.  Mainly because it will be much harder to dig myself out of that hole.  Time will tell.  If all goes as planned, I will complete my BSIT in 2003 or early in 2004.  Depends upon how it works out being in class while out on the island this summer.  Jeffrey and I have talked.  Since I have my own computer (laptop) now, I am going to install his dial up Earthlink software on my system.  Then I can dial into the Internet from the island.  It will not be high speed for me.  But if it allows me to keep up with the discussion groups, then it should work.  I currently have scheduled a 3 week off period in August and only have one class scheduled at a time over the summer.  If the dial up works great from the island, then I have the option of taking some of these "not scheduled" classes earlier over the summer.  But I want to wait and see how it works out.  If that works, then I might actually be done this fall instead of winter.  Due to Christmas and New Year's being on a Thursday this year, the University Online program is taking a three week vacation instead of the usual two week this year.  So I am trying to make sure that I do not have anything scheduled over the break.  Thus, I will schedule myself to finish BEFORE or AFTER when the Holiday break occurs.


October 29, 2002:  Finished POS 355 and scheduled more classes through April 2003.  Doing some doubling up to see how that will work out.  Next class starts on Thursday.  


September 19, 2002: Starting my POS 355 class today.  Have completed my Math and Critical Thinking proficiency.  Still need to take my English Proficiency Exam but their web site has been having some problems.  I have taken the pre-exam and scored high enough to pass the exam.  Just need to take the exam.


April 22, 2002:  Finished up this class.  Got an A- in it.  Now need to see what I can do over the summer.  I have a huge project right now and will be on the island on weekends.  That will be difficult to attend classes online.  Want to check it out first before I decide to take a class.  If it works out, I might take one class over the summer.


March 30, 2002:  Class is going well.  It is Business Systems II which is the follow-up class to one that was waived for me.  I think CIS319 was used as the prereq.  So I did not take the first class.  It's requiring a bit more work than the last class. I am I easily getting lost.  Have my first week evaluation back and it's ok.  Still waiting on my second week evaluation which will really give me a fell for how I am doing.  I feel a B which is just fine with me. 


March 2002:  Decided to take the BSA 400 Business Systems II.  It will start on March 14th.  Has been really good to have the break.  Have gotten my system issues taken care of and upgraded my work computer as well.  That caused all kinds of system related issues.  Finally got it mostly resolved.


January, 2001: I have requested information from the University of Phoenix Online program.  They are working on my credits and will advise sometime in February about paperwork.  I will be starting back "On-Line" in March or April depending upon when the house sells.  I have to pay the tuition first and then the lab will reimburse me.


December 2001: Just finished my first Online class.  Received an A- out of it.  Was very impressed with the instructor and the class.  Looking forward to the next class which is Project Planning and Implementation.


February 2002:  In the process of finishing up my second online class.  Have received three individual A's on projects.  Now have the team assignment to get turned in.  Next class does not start until March 21st due to work and the Imperial Court of New York's Night of a Thousand Gowns.  Scheduled the course to start right after that.

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December 16, 2001: Tickets to Broadway or Not - Ethical Dilemma

December 2, 2001: Herb Kelleher and Southwest Airlines
May 25, 1999: Mr. & Mrs. I.T. Fields
May 18, 1999: French National Railroad -- the Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français

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