University of Phoenix

Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS)

Classes Completed at the University of Phoenix Online.           Cumulative GPA 3.79
  start date   ONLINE CLASSES
A July 29, 2004 COM/515 Managerial Communications (1 credit/3 weeks)
A- August 26, 2004 ORG/502 Human Relations and Organizational Behavior
A October 14, 2004 LAW/529 Legal Environment of Business
B+ January 9, 2007 ACC/529 Accounting for Managerial Decision Making
A- February 17, 2005 CSS/561 Programming Concepts
A October 18, 2005 CMGT/555 Systems Analysis & Development
A- August 9, 2005 CMGT/575 CIS Project Planning
A April 11, 2006 CMGT/576 Programming Management (Direct Study)
B+ September 5, 2006 DBM/500 Database Concepts I (formerly CSS/558)
A October 24, 2006 DBM/502 Database Concepts II (formerly CSS.559)
A December 13, 2005 TCM/537 Networks/Data Communications I
A January 31, 2005 TCM/538 Networks/Data Communications II
LAST April 3, 2007 CMGT/585 CIS Risk Management & Strategic Planning
  Total Credits 37  
degree Q2 2007 MSCIS Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems


March 3, 2007: My B+ in accounting brought my cumulative down to 3.79 but that is still rather good for a Masters degree.  Only one class left and that will be in April.


January 14, 2007: Accounting class has begun and it's a real busy time.  I am finding brain cells that do remember some of this stuff.  Very busy schedule it appears.


November 25, 2006: Finally did decide that it was in my best interest to push off my LAST class until after my coronation / ascension on March 31st.  My last class will start the week right after that and then will be done in 6 weeks.  So that should work for my schedule.


November 12, 2006: Got off to a good start with this class.  Unlike my last class where he took several points off the very first paper because of me (and several others) not understanding the assignment.  Several of us had a good 'fight' with the facilitator over that and his general running of the class.  It had to be one of the worst classes I have ever been in because of the confusion over the assignments. But was happy to pull a B+ out of the class.  My last class starts February 20, 2007 which I might want to put off.  The last two weeks of this class will be right during my coronation March 31st.  I have been thinking I might be ok to push this class until after my coronation to make sure I give it all of the attention it needs.  Then again, if I only get a B in the class, I still will be done with my Masters.  Hmmmm.  Decisions, decisions.


October 18, 2006: Just finished DBM/500 and received a B+.  This leaves me with only 3 classes to go.  Really struggled with this class so I am rather pleased with my B+.


May 22, 2006:  Just finished my CMGT/576 class and got another A so that makes only 4 classes to go.


March 14, 2006: Just finished my most previous class and just squeaked by with an A in this one.  Got 94.5 which rounds up to an A.  I have a few weeks before my next class will start.


February 4, 2006: Finished my Data Communications 1 class, got an A. Now taking the second class in that series. Then will take a break for a little bit.  Might take CMGT/576 in May just to get it out of the way.


August 13, 2005: Started a new class this week.  So far so good.  Got some reading to do which is hard on the island here but other than that, it is interesting.  I could do most of this stuff in my sleep but it's required.  Maybe that is why I am not getting up to the task to much.  Oh well.  Still a 3.8 average for 4 classes.  This is my 5th for my Masters.  Still on target for 2007 graduation.  Also going to be taking some 20 classes for fire school this fall or spring.


May 20, 2005: Just got an A- in CSS/561.


November 28, 2004:  Just waiting on getting my grades from this last class.  Finally took a bit of time to create a MSCIS page so that I have all of the information here. All classes are 3 credits and 6 weeks long unless noted above.  I can only take about 4 or 5 classes a year because I max out my reimbursement at work.  So unless I want to shell out the bucks myself, I will just take 4 classes a year.

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